Standard Morph components can be used to build larger blocks which in turn can be used to build fast track products. This allows for faster repurposing of products so that products can be transformed from one product to another in minutes rather than hours. With G-Morph the core components are fixed together more securely but are still 100% recyclable.

Different surfaces can be put on the top cap to allow for either stools with cushions or larger table tops.

There are several different G-Morph components, from standard single and double blocks and tops to half height and quad blocks as well as planters. The G-Morph family include all the blocks available in the range and include the Tierz and Stax ranges. 

The modules for the G-Morph range can be found in the Stax collection on the 3D warehouse HERE, if you would like to build your own Stax or Tierz layouts.

The possibilities are endless but imagine the advantages of being able to change a dining area from breakout tables and benches to tiered seating and a stage, within minutes. And then changing those products to meeting tables or high tables in the time it would normally take to clear the room. Use Morph to build, use, reuse.

At a time when we need to keep our office environments as flexible as possible, Morph supplies a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable flexible solution that aims to change the future of furniture, one block at a time.

If you're interested in this or any of our other products, please contact us for more info.

Giant Morph to create bespoke breakout spaces
Giant Morph tiered seating and stage
Giant Morph tiered seating and catwalk
Giant Morph stage and tiered seating

Do you have a bespoke requirement?
You can use Morph Creator to design your own or adjust standard products