G-Morph stage with G-Morph Tierz tiered seating around it

Morph Stages

The G-Morph range can be used to build stages of varying sizes and heights that can be quickly installed and decommissioned. Standard heights are 330mm, 480mm, 670mm and 820mm.

The larger G-Morph blocks can then be quickly decommissioned and either removed or turned into anopther G-Morph product, such as tiered seating.

For example you could have a large high stage of 820mm and then remove the top layer and turn those spare parts into tiered seating whilst still leaving a stage that is 480mm high. 

Our standard top finish is reclaimed scaffold boards but other finishes are available.

This product is also available for rental if given sufficient notice.

Some sample CAD models can be found on the 3D warehosue for Sketchup and pCon in the Events and exhibitions collection that can be found HERE. Alternatively you can build your own stage using the G-Morph basic components that can be found on the 3D Warehouse HERE. You would use the double bases and double tops to build the stages.  

If you're interested in this or any of our other products, please contact us for more info.

Morph Catwalk stage with tiered seating around
Morph Catwalk stage and Tierz range seating
Morph stage with single bank of tiered seating
Bespoke Morph presentation wall on a Morph stage

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