Morph Partitions create private rooms in an open plan layout, here the black bricks are made from recycled plastic

Morph Opens Pop-Up Showroom in Clerkenwell

Morph Bricks are excited to open a pop-up showroom in Clerkenwell, the UK’s most important design hub!

Thanks to Koplus we are showcasing a selection of products in our pop-up showroom in Clerkenwell. We welcome architects and designers to visit and explore how our modular construction system provides sustainable furniture and fit-out design solutions.

Made of just four components - single brick, double brick, base and top cap – Morph offers limitless possibilities. With a patented unique connection system, bricks interlock in a brickwork pattern to create various designs and solutions.

We use sustainable materials with low carbon footprints to manufacture the bricks. Available in black and white, Morph RE uses recycled ABS plastic (old car parts or white goods), slashing carbon emissions by up to 90%, compared to virgin plastic.

Excitingly, our latest material is a new fire-resistant bio plastic by UK innovator Floreon. Made from crops such as corn and sugar cane, this renewable substitute for oil-based plastics reduces reliance on finite resources and has up to 7 times lower carbon footprint than virgin ABS plastic. It is the world’s first UL94V-0 rated halogen free plant-based PLA compound! An ideal material where you need to meet high fire standards, such as partitions.


Morph Partitions create flexible layouts

Morph Partitions are created from the floor up using our single and double bricks. They can be used for screening to create zones, built to full height to create new layouts or as freestanding rooms. Doors and windows can be added to every design.

And with the ability to repurpose every element, Morph empowers you to redefine spaces with unparalleled ease and sustainability.

Morph furniture design options are endless

Morph is versatile in design and use. Furniture of various designs can be built to specification from desks and tables, meeting bays and booths to outdoor sofas and tiered seating. The options are endless.

Every product can be finished with a choice of reclaimed or recycled table/worktops and shelves and accessorised with cushions, acoustic panels and various types of cladding, creating a customised design.


The genius behind Morph is that every product can be repurposed into an entirely new design.

What sets Morph apart is its ingenious adaptability – each product can seamlessly transform into a completely fresh design, offering endless possibilities. Partitions can be dismantled and reused in new locations with a cost saving of up to 90% compared to stud walls (which are largely single-use with added disposal costs). Furniture can be reimagined to meet new requirements - desks to meeting tables, tiered seating to stages.

Not only that, the environmental impact is considerably lower when using Morph.


Visit us at the Showroom

Book your visit here or email Harvey at to discuss your project and arrange a time to meet.

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