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We have answered your questions below. If you would like to discuss Morph or have further questions please get in touch.

Who uses Morph?

Morph can be used in a great variety of markets. Originally intended as an office furniture construction system, Morph can also be used for internal commercial fit out, external furniture, exhibition stands, education and community spaces. Have a look at how Morph can be used on our Products and Projects pages.

What is Morph made of?

Morph Bricks uses sustainable materials.

Morph RE is injected moulded with 100% recycled ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) an extremely strong thermoplastic polymer, combining the toughness of polybutadiene rubber with the rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers. Reusing plastic in this way reduces landfill waste and has up to 90% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic. Morph RE is currently available in black and white.

Morph Therma (engineered in the UK by Floreon) is made from Floreon's Therma-Tech plant-based plastic, a hologen-free, fire retardant (UL94V-0 rated) material with ABS qualities. This is a world first with up to 7 times lower carbon footprint that ABS plastic.

Morph Bio uses a biocomposite material made from sustainable wood pulp and discarded consumer vegetable fat. The material captures and stores carbon in the bioplastic and wood fibres of the material.

Not only do these materials help reduce carbon footprints, their performance matches fossil-based plastics and all can be recycled back into Morph production.

Are Morph Bricks available for hire?

Yes the Morph recycled bricks (Black ABS) are available for hire. In the future we will provide more hire options and specific products such as G-Morph and tiered seating but for now the bricks themselves can be hired so you can build what you need. If you have a temporary requirement such as an event or exhibition where you would like to use an environmentally friendly, reuseable product, Contact us with details of your requirements and we will get back to you with prices and assist with any design ideas if needed.  

Why have you chosen to use plastic?

We chose plastic as a medium because as well as wanting to create a recycled and recyclable product, we also wanted to reduce landfill waste and create a truly circular economy. By using plastic we can recycle the raw material even if the product gets damaged. It is also much easier for us to do this inhouse rather than requiring extensive re-engineering processes to recycle.

We offer plant based plastics, renewable substitutes for oil-based plastics reducing reliance on finite resources and reducing carbon footprints.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes, Morph is environmentally friendly.

Morph was conceived in response to the devastating impact the office furniture and fit-out industry is having on the environment. We decided to see if we could find a productive way to solve some of our frustrations with our industry: providing a cost effective sustainable solution which bridges a gap in the market for recycled furniture; enabling businesses to reduce carbon footprints and improve environmental impact; and providing a C2C circular economy solution to tackle the 'throw-away' culture plaguing society today.

Our vision has always been for a product which reduces waste, encourages long-term investment, offers flexibility in its application and is 100% recyclable. The outcome would be a reduction in landfill waste, reuse of raw materials, exclusion of virgin plastic and a product that can be used and reused and then recycled once again into new Morph components at the end of its life.

The recycled ABS used in Morph is sustainably sourced and has traceable origin. Recycling plastic is becoming more important in the effort to reduce landfill waste levels and it takes less energy to recycle plastic compared to manufacturing plastic from scratch. It is estimated that recycled ABS has as much as 89 per cent lower carbon footprint than virgin ABS.

Plant-based plastics are an innovative way to replace conventional plastics. The granules used for Morph Bio bricks consist of a combination of polymers and FSC® certified Nordic wood from sustainably managed forests. Even when incinerated less CO2 is released into the atmosphere compared to fossil-based polymers and the same material can be re-produced up to five times without losing mechanical properties. The granules used for Morph Therma are derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil-based plastics. It is durable and matches the performance of virgin plastic but with a gain of a lower carbon footprint of up to 7 times.

How do Morph bricks go together

Morph bricks are made up of a single brick, double brick, base and top cap. The bricks have a specially designed connection system which interlocks the components together to form structures of all types. You can see a time lapse video of a retail desk being built HERE

How stable is Morph?

Morph bricks should be constructed in a bricklayer pattern, staggering the bricks to offset each layer, creating in-built stability. We recommend adding ‘T’ or ‘L’ columns at the end of larger products such as walls, or wall fixing them. Larger walls can also incorporate a central column to assist with stability or double thickness walls can be used.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how best to use Morph in your project.

How strong is it?

Recycled ABS can withstand high impact loads in use. It is suitable for load bearing parts and ideal in components where toughness is essential, such as office table structures and construction components. Whilst official strength testing is due to be carried out our inhouse testing has shown that small Morph RE structures can take weights of over 180kg without affecting the core components.

Morph Bio and Morph Therma has similar material properties to fossil-based plastics and further testing is due to be carried out.

Can I add cables, lights, power?

Accessories can be added to Morph to cater for all types of requirements including lighting, power and data. Power and data blocks can be surface mounted or smaller furniture fittings can be fitted integrally. The vertical channels within the system can be used as cable runs and when required blocks can be prepared to allow for horizontal channels or ducting can be surface mounted. 

How can I design products using morph?

Morph is built using a basic 75mm cube module with 150mm x 75mm x 75mm bricks as the linking element. Use the Morph Creator software to build your own product and test your design. 

Alternatively you can Contact us. Send us a brief, drawing or sketch of what you would like to build and we will be happy to design a solution for you, request Revit files or you can access many of the CAD models on 3D warehouse for Sketchup and pCon and these can be found HERE

Who can I contact to help with my design or project?

Give the Morph team a call on 020 3143 0888 or complete the contact form

Can I use it outside/is it waterproof?

The Morph blocks are waterproof and the base units have drain holes if water should get inside the blocks. We have completed outdoor sofa builds in the Morph RE (recycled plastic) range which have been very successful and are currently undergoing additional testing. For larger projects we can explore UV treatment to ensure against fading but the test builds we have been working on have been exposed to the elements for several years and there is no fading to date.

What are the benefits?

If businesses all around the world incorporate well-planned strategies for reusing and recycling products into their waste management approach, we will see a marked impact on the environment and climate change. Even small steps towards this can make a tremendous difference in terms of environmental protection.

Morph is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable product. It offers your business:

  • Value for money - comparable on price to the nearest market product
  • Significant savings of up to 90% on reuse
  • Sustainable investment through longevity of product – strong and adjustable
  • Excellent ROI – adaptable and transformable products
  • Socially responsible returns – contributing to the circular economy
  • Reduced carbon footprints
  • Fast lead times

Do you have Revit files?

Yes we have Revit files of the core components. If you would like us to send you copies of the files please contact us. 

You can also access many of the CAD models on 3D warehouse for Sketchup and pCon and these can be found HERE.

Can I buy direct online?

We plan to offer Morph Packs in the future, where you can buy pre-prepared packs of bricks to use for you design. Do get in touch to discuss your ideas.