Our vision is for a waste free solution to furniture and interiors which not only meets your requirements but helps reduce carbon footprints and tackles the throw-away culture plaguing society today.


100% Recycled and Recyclable

Millions of tonnes of plastic are discarded each year, wasted, buried and burned. But what is considered waste is in fact a valuable raw material.

Morph core components are injection moulded from 100% recycled ABS plastic which, according to research by our supplier, has an 89 per cent lower carbon footprint than virgin ABS.

Morph bridges the severe lack of 100% recycled furniture options on the market today and uniquely offers an easy and cost-effective solution for end of life recycling.

For every tonne of furniture re-used, 4 tonnes of CO2 is saved (WRAP, 2014).

Sustainable Investment

Morph offers a sustainable investment for your business. Its very nature has a long life cycle – every product can be repurposed in its existing state (by pulling the components apart and building new designs).

And it is cost-effective and efficient – non-invasive Morph walls and partitions can replace traditional office fit-out, reducing costly dilapidations.

To lower your carbon footprint even further, when you are finished with the product, return it to Morph and we will recycle it.

By investing in Morph, you will help to change the world. It all starts with you.

Circular Economy

Turning old waste into new products is a key consideration for sustainability-minded businesses. It’s our whole reason to exist.

The Morph system creates a closed loop solution, offering a regenerative approach and circular business model and reducing the enormous amount of commercial furniture and fit-out dilapidations which end up in UK landfill today.

With its ability to be repurposed, only when blocks are damaged beyond repair will they retire. The damaged product will be re-pelletised into new Morph components. Current estimates are that plastic can be re-engineered 7-9 times.