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Start your designs on Morph Creator I version 2


Morph Creator V2, our much anticipated update, gives additional features and improved functionality such as account registration plus save and export options. Its now easier to design bespoke products and check guide retail prices with this version PLUS we've added:

  • Account Registration to save projects
  • Copy and paste shortcuts using CTRL "C" and CTRL "V"
  • 3D Exports (OBJ or STL)
  • Toggle on/off the grid
  • Tips and silhouette figure for scale guide
  • Ability for Morph team to log in and help you with your designs

Read our blog for tips on using the software and if you need help or want to confirm costs, please save your designs and email us at; we will be happy to help. You can of course "Submit" your design from the quote overview on the left where we can review it and contact you with additional details.

Alternatively, if you don't have time to play with the software, send us a brief and we'll design it for you.

We will aim to launch further updates in the near future which will include:

  • Build instructions with your submitted designs
  • Ability to copy and paste multiple items

Prefer to create designs in your own software? Complete the form below to request copies of the component Revit files or access 3D CAD files for some of our ranges and core components on Sketchup or pCon in 3D Warehouse


With free innovative technology, Morph Creator will allow you to easily test ideas and implement your vision.

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