About Morph

Innovative, cost effective, sustainable


One product, multiple uses

An innovative modular construction system, Morph creations can be reconfigured into new designs to meet changing requirements.

Morph bridges a gap in the market for fast build adaptable office furniture/fit-out solutions and recycled furniture.

Lightweight and strong with a uniquely designed male to female connection system, the core components (single brick, double
brick, base and top cap) click together in a brick like format providing office furniture and fit-out solutions including walls, desks, tables, video conferencing units, reception desks, tiered seating and meeting bays.

Fully adaptable, every product can be dismantled and repurposed to meet changing requirements with minimal reinvestment giving a great ROI. Pertinent to the continuing pandemic, Morph enables companies to reconfigure workspaces for hybrid working, providing low density, safe 'return to work' layouts with inbuilt desk screening and social distance partitioning. The same Morph blocks can be reconfigured for increased desk density - screens are deconstructed (by pulling the blocks apart) and rebuilt to create additional desk space.

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A mindful approach to office interiors

A cost-effective solution, Morph enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to a circular economy.

The idea for Morph evolved from our concerns about industry practices and experiences of a throw-away culture, not only in furniture but also in office fit-out and office moves.

Whether furniture heading for landfill because a company’s balance sheet says its worthless, or plasterboard being disposed of as dilapidations return a building to its shell before being filled again with similar dividers in the latest layout, these practices are widely accepted as the norm and are having a devastating and long-term impact on the environment.

In 2019, ‘playing’ with a 3D printer, inventor and CEO Harvey Banner, started testing his modular furniture ideas and relatively quickly the concept for Morph began to emerge. After around 10 different variations in 2 weeks the design for Morph was soon refined into the components we have today.

Made from 100% recycled ABS plastic and 100% recyclable, Morph repurposes and reduces waste, encourages long-term investment and supports the circular economy movement.

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Flexible, adaptable and customisable

Morph offers a freestanding solution, reducing costly dilapidations and enabling rapid adaptations as your business grows.

One of the unique benefits of using Morph to build walls, meetings rooms, bays, tiered seating of almost any size, is its freestanding nature.

It offers minimal to no disruption to the fabric of the building, delivering further flexibility in office rentals and moves and allowing your environment to grow with your business.

There are no tools, no dust or mess and every item can be expanded or deconstructed and reconstructed into new products as requirements change.

Every product can be finished with a choice of reclaimed or recycled table/worktops and shelves plus power and services (either "in brick" or surface mounted).

Adding to the aesthetics, walls can showcase your branding using self-adhesive or hanging acoustic tiles and panels, creating a welcoming environment for staff and visiting clients. The walls can also be finished with linoleum (standard or bespoke printed) magnetic, writeable surfaces, cork boards, vinyl flooring, adhesive finishes of all types and green walls either fax or Biophilic.  

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Simplicity inspires creativity