Morph L-Shaped outdoor sofa

Morph indoor outdoor Sofa

Morph bricks can be used to design and build sofas of any size and they can also be used outdoors if the correct exterior upholstery options are selected. We have shown the L-shaped model here that was built to pallet sofa dimensions.

Our full standard Modular indoor/outdoor range designed for pallet sizes, and the correlating CAD files, can be found on the 3D warehouse here.  However, if you have a taget sofa size that doesn't fit these modules we can build a bespoke module to your required size within 75mm increments.

Different coloured exterior cushions are available with various upholstery styles. We can also supply outdoor tables of different sizes and styles, shown in the images below as a low table with a Smile recycled plastic top.  

Use our Creator software to build your own outdoor seating or contact us with a brief if you would like some help. Alternatively the L-Shaped CAD model can be found on 3D warehouse here, the full pallet range can be found here or if you would like to build your own design in Sketchup or pCon, the individual Morph components can be found here.

If you're interested in this or any of our other products, please contact us for more info.

Morph Sofa with white recycled plastic brick base
Morph outdoor sofa with table
L-Shaped Morph outdoor sofa
Close up of Morph Outdoor sofa with Morph Bio bricks block in foreground
Morph Outdoor table with Smile recycled plastic top

Have a query? Get in touch now. Or have a bespoke requirement? Head over to our configurator to get things started.

Do you have a bespoke requirement?
You can use Morph Creator to design your own or adjust standard products