Morph Partitions create private rooms in an open plan layout, here the black bricks are made from recycled plastic

Advancing Sustainable Interior Design

Morph Bricks introduces fire-resistant material

In response to the pressing need for eco-conscious solutions in the construction and design industry, we have tested an innovative virgin plastic substitute, Therma-Tech by Floreon, for our game changing modular construction system.

Morph Partitions have outstanding advantages in interior fit-outs, free standing they can be built full height, dividing rooms to create new layouts and improving space efficiencies. Doors and windows can be installed, and designs can integrate existing ceiling systems or Morph Bricks can add specialist ceiling options to construct freestanding pods to your specifications. If additional noise reduction is needed, acoustic panels can be fixed to the bricks without damage. If you need to change the layouts, every brick can be pulled apart and reused in a new design.

Fire-rated material expands our product range

Floreon’s Therma-Tech is the world’s first UL94V-0 Yellow Card certified plant-based plastic with self-extinguishing properties, making this the ideal choice when you need a high fire rating. Derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, this renewable substitute for oil-based plastics not only reduces reliance on finite resources but also aligns with our dedication to innovation in sustainable design practices.


What the founders say…

"Morph Bricks is pushing the boundaries of sustainable interior design," said Liz Banner, Co-founder at Morph Bricks. "Studies have shown that almost a third of fit-out waste comes from plasterboard with a significant amount of waste in off-cuts. But the problem doesn’t stop there, when businesses move location or require a refreshed layout, the stud walls cannot just be moved or reused, old materials are discarded and new materials are required, often to build the same size wall. This is extremely costly. Morph can save up to 90% in material and installation costs when reused”.

By incorporating environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional methods, we are empowering designers and architects to create spaces that not only look good but also reduce the negative impact on the climate.

The ingenuity of Morph is that it creates no mess, requires no tools and produces zero waste. Its versatility allows for the creation of various design iterations in just a few hours, using and reusing the same bricks. End of use elements can be shredded and put back into production, creating a truly circular economy.

By collaborating with material innovators and embracing eco-friendly solutions, we are reshaping the future of interior design one brick at a time.

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