Morph Bricks pack 1

Just Bricks

Following numerous requests, we are delighted to launch our trial

‘Just Bricks’ for DIYers.

We have created a couple of starter packs using our recycled plastic bricks in black (see below for more details).

We are offering these starter packs at a special DISCOUNT of 20% through February and March 2024.

Take advantage of this great offer and start experimenting with this versatile system


Morph Packs:

Pack #1

Made up of 60 double bricks, 12 single bricks, 6 base units and 6 top caps; Pack #1 creates a partition/wall section 90cm wide x 87.2cm tall x 75mm deep. This set up is shown in the images on this page. Full instructions will be provided, no tools required.

Cost:              £308.88
Shipping        £25 (UK only, including insurance)

BUY TODAY AND RECEIVE 20% OFF:  £247.10 + shipping (add to cart below)

All prices include UK VAT @ 20%

Pack #2

Made up of 70 double bricks only, Pack #2 can be used alongside Pack #1 to extend what you want to build. If you need additional Base units, top caps or singles please email us with your requirements. Full instructions will be provided, no tools required.

Cost:              £315.00
Shipping:       £25 (UK only, including insurance).

BUY TODAY AND RECEIVE 20% OFF:  £252.00 + shipping (add to cart below)

All prices include UK VAT @ 20%

Demonstration of Pack #1 build


How much do Morph bricks cost?

Unit Retail Costs (including VAT):

Base Unit       £1.62
Top cap          £1.62
Single Brick    £1.62
Double Brick  £4.50*

*Double bricks create the main structure of each design and are essential for every build

What are the dimensions of the components?

As built dimensions:

Base Unit       150mm x 75mm x 11mm
Top cap          150mm x 75mm x 30mm
Single Brick    75mm x 75mm x 75mm
Double Brick  150mm x 75mm x 75mm

How do I build a Morph wall section?

We will provide full instructions with each pack but here are a few tips:

  • Begin your design by mapping the footprint with our base units
  • Interlock the double bricks to the base units using a brickwork pattern to offset the joins between the components
  • Continue to offset double bricks in layers and use a single brick to complete the layer where needed
  • Smooth off the top layer with our top caps.

What if I want to build a different design?

If you need specific quantities of each component then please email us at and let us know what you need and where you are based. We will work out the packaging and transport costs.

If you would like to test build your own idea, have a look at our creator software HERE. We will honour any discount running at the time of your order.

Do you trade Internationally?

Yes for international enquiries please email your requirements to with details of where delivery would be to and we will get back to you with shipping information. 

Do you work business to business?

For trade enquiries please contact us as we may be able to give additional discounts.

If you're interested in this or any of our other products, please contact us for more info.

Morph single, double, base and top cap
Example of Wall section that can be built with pack 1
Section of wall that can be built with pack 2 - 70 bricks

Have a query? Get in touch now. Or have a bespoke requirement? Head over to our configurator to get things started.

Do you have a bespoke requirement?
You can use Morph Creator to design your own or adjust standard products