Morph Bays

Morph can be used to construct all types of bays from meeting and study bays to video conferencing and dining bays. We can create any size and configuration within 75mm increments.

They can be built as standard desk high units with varying amounts of privacy or as sit/stand booths for more flexibility. Its simple to create a bank of standing booths as well if semi private call space is required in a busy area.

Acoustics and aesthetics can be adjusted using acoustic panels in various colours or designs. 

If you're interested in this or any of our other products, please contact us for more info.

Morph Bricks study bays
Morph meeting bays with acoustic panels
Morph calling video conferencing bay from Morph video
Morph calling video conferencing bay
Morph used to build study bays with acoustic panels
Morph study bays and acoustic panels
Morph calling bays high and low versions

Do you have a bespoke requirement?
You can use Morph Creator to design your own or adjust standard products