Winchester Circular economy store counters

Working Environments Furniture recently worked with architect Crispin Williams from Engaging Interiors and bespoke furniture manufacturer Sixhands to provide the front and back counters for the Winchester University Circular Economy store. Crispin's enthusiasm for circular economy initiatives and Winchester University's ambitions to improve environmental aspects across their site gave a fantastic platform for Morph. Our system provided a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable solution and, combined with bamboo worktops and shelving, created a sustainable counter for the University's first zero waste shop.

The Morph structure and bespoke fittings were installed in a working day facilitating a fast and efficient install against a tight timescale. The modular construction means that should requirements change the structure is easy to reconfigure and adapt as needed.

In the future, if the counters are no longer required, our buy back policy ensures we keep control of the raw materials and creates a truly circular economy to give longevity to recycled raw materials.

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