Kevin McCloud hosting a session at the Sustainable Future Theatre at Grand Designs Live in London 2022. Morph Bricks will be creating the theatre for the Birmingham 2023 and London 2024 shows.

Morph partners with Grand Designs Live

Morph Bricks are building the Sustainable Future Theatre at Grand Designs Live.

We are thrilled to be partnering with such a prestigious event which is leading the conversation about sustainable practices through its Green Living Live showcase.

The show also celebrates the best in eco products and designs through the Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes exhibition using Morph plinths.

You’ll see us at the event in Birmingham in October 2023 and again in London 2024.

A perfect synergy

The Sustainable Future Theatre is at the centre of Green Living Live, part of the popular Grand Designs Live biannual show. Using Morph Bio, our latest range made from Bio composite material, we are creating a bespoke ‘curved’ wall to set the scene for reflection and discussion around green living issues and the creations, ideas and tips being showcased during the events.

Striking eco design

The bespoke Morph Bio design creates a striking eco backdrop to enhance the theme of the Sustainable Future Theatre. Morph Bio bricks are made from carbon-negative Bio composite material. Biocomposites capture and store carbon in the bioplastic and wood fibres of the material and this has a carbon negative impact on the environment with significant benefits; carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed from the atmosphere, helping to counter greenhouse emissions.

The bricks are interlinked in a custom-built formation to create a stable and solid wall for the Theatre which will wrap around the stage bringing the audience and speakers together.

Sustainability at the heart

First launched alongside Grand Designs Live in 2022, Green Living Live is a bi-annual event dedicated to showcasing eco-friendly products and services from companies that put sustainability at the heart of their business.

The Theatre is devoted to issues surrounding sustainability and is the highlight of this esteemed event. It will host talks and panel discussions from experts on a range of topics giving visitors insight into new sustainable ideas, tips and the latest products on the market.

Kevin’s Green Heroes

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud has chosen his top pick of the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas for Kevin’s Green Heroes which will be showcased on Morph Plinths in the bespoke designed exhibition space.

A no waste solution

At the end of Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, the Morph bricks will be deconstructed and stored, ready for re-use at the London show. Thereafter the bricks will be available for new designs at other exhibitions and shows – no waste and cost-effective, Morph offers a truly circular solution.

Running an exhibition?

Contact us to see how Morph Bricks can be used to create bespoke designs from partitions and display furniture to stages and seating, bringing a sustainable waste free solution to your event time and again.

Grand Designs Live Sustainable Future Theatre picture taken from London 2022 show. Mroph Bricks will be using the Bio range to create the theatre in Brimingham in 2023 and in London in 2024

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